Free City of Vancouver Police Department Headquarters


2120 Cambie St., Vancouver

The headquarters for the national police of FreeCoV.

The building is a high-rise, featuring multiple levels for the operation of the VPD and its various departments, including training facilities, an R&D lab, and the secretive spy agency, the Vancouver Security Intelligence Service (VSIS). The lower floors have a mall with multiple stores, a direct link to the Olympic Village Freedom Line Station, and a parking lot, adjacent to the FreeCoV’s own secure garage.

The upper floors are owned by one of FreeCoV’s major shareholder: Ravenlocke Securities. Ravenlocke Securities is normally contracted by cities to police, but the VPD is a public-private partnership with the majority of the shares held by the FreeCoV government.

The top of the building features a heliport, with multiple helipads, some in use by Ravenlocke Securities, others by the VPD.

Free City of Vancouver Police Department Headquarters

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