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Vancouver Sun: Another murderous rampage at a Vancouver restaurant

7 victims; 4 fatally injured including the assailant


In a chilling repeat of last week’s tragedy, seven victims; four of which died from their injuries; were attacked by Andrew Carter after he had driven his stolen car through the window of the twenty-four four congee restaurant. As the rattled customers tried to help him out of the car, he opened fire and fatally wounded four of them. The other three victims are in intensive care at the Burnaby General Hospital.

“The guy was just pure crazy,” commented Wendy Yeung, one of the witnesses, “He kept screaming that he was sorry, but then kept shooting. I was so scared, I hid around the corner and eventually somebody yelled that he had shot himself.”

Andrew Carter turned the gun on himself after the rampage, much like the incident that led to the death of six people at the Kingsgate Mall. Police have said that they will increase patrols and tighten response times, but that there is little they can do to prevent sudden rampages.

“Our deepest condolences to the families of the victims. These tragedies are always heart-wrenching, and we do our best every single day to keep the citizens of FreeCoV safe.” offered Police Commissioner Gordon McDowell, “But sometimes, individuals with mental health issues slip through and cause a lot of damage. And that’s a problem we all need to take seriously: the state of mental health care in this city is sorely lacking, and these people don’t need a police officer, they need medical attention.”

A memorial will be held for victims of both incidents next Friday at 7:00 PM, in front of Vancouver city hall.


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